Wellsense, a world-leading specialist in point of care pressure monitoring systems, came to Shape Products to help revolutionize and upgrade their first generation system.


HAPU/I’s (Hospital-acquired Pressure Ulcers/ Injuries) remain a significant and costly problem for hospitals around the world despite best efforts of caregivers, advanced support surfaces and stringent turning protocols.

The negative impact of HAPU/I’s on patients’ quality of life, the substantial burden for patients and their families and on the healthcare system was bound to continue without a new intervention.

  • Complications from pressure related injuries attribute to 60,000 deaths per year
  • HAPU/I’s  are estimated to cost the US healthcare system more than 11B per year
  • 8-12% of ICU patients will develop HAPU/I’s during hospital stays  

The Wellsense Vu technology provides the ability to monitor,  record and alert pressure continuously. Often, patients who are in a coma or have lost the ability to feel their extremities are at increased risk of developing complications from being bedridden for extended periods of recovery and care.

The Wellsense Vu technology makes it possible for nurses to see and correct what would typically not be detected until it’s too late.

The Challenge

Shape Products Inc. helped Wellsense Vu to develop and upgrade their existing design, as well as engineer a new user interface, viewing platform, and sensor mat while adhering to the strict hospital sanitation protocols.

The Design Process

Our team started with a deep dive into the initial concept for the VU system, focusing on the ergonomic requirements of seamlessly integrating into the hospital environment.  

The challenge of designing the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for the Wellsense VU systems was one of the most critical aspects in the design process, having to follow HIPA (Hospital Information Protection Act) regulations.

The GUI was designed to be comprehensive while remaining intuitive to help improve the quality of life for patients. We had a challenging task of designing an easy to use interface that would ensure that it was set up correctly by all hospital staff while safeguarding confidential patient information.

Product design and engineering of protective tablet case and clamp arm for Wellsense system

We designed the new tablet enclosure, along with armatures for both ward and operating room applications. The choice of materials was critical given the harsh cleaning solutions and rigorous long term use.  

The protective sealed tablet case was designed to work with almost any modern hospital bed, along with the ability to rotate at multiple angles so it would be easy to view by both medical professionals and patients when required.

Shape’s dedicated team of designers collaborated with Wellsense VU’s Senior Management, Marketing, Sales and medical professionals to develop, what is now, the most advanced point of care pressure system in the world.