Oliso Auto-Lift Smart Iron

With its mantra of reinventing products that surprise, delight and simplify life, Oliso has been partnering with Shape to develop unique fabric care products for over half a decade. The Auto-Lift iron was one of our earliest collaborations.

Front and Back view of Oliso Auto-Lift Smart Iron Design

This unique auto lift technology, a proprietary Oliso innovation, demanded a high end look without sacrificing ergononomics. This product design challenge was tackled by our team of industrial designers who worked to carve out an aesthetically pleasing identity for the “Ferrari inspired” iron.

Multi color view of Oliso Auto-Lift Iron
Oliso Auto-Lift Smart Iron product design

In addition to thinking through cost optimizations for manufacturing, our design team added a series of subtle cues that highlighted the “Auto-Lift” feature while guiding consumers towards safe use of a product running at high temperatures. True to its name, the resulting iron delighted quilters and everyday users alike.

Product design details of Oliso Auto-Lift Smart Iron