ACE Bakery Breadblox

In collaboration with its creative agency, Mosaic, Ace Bakery set out to develop a conceptual product to minimize phone distraction and encourage the special moments that happen around the dinner table. In addition to being tasked with designing the product, our team was responsible for prototyping a number of units destined for influencers’ homes. The breadblox was to become part of a Thanksgiving influencer marketing campaign designed by Mosaic.

rendered breadblox for influencer campaign

Exploring design solutions

Before jumping into any sketching or material research, we first had to determine the underlying technology that would allow us to accomplish the campaign’s “Phones in, distractions out” promise. Our two options were soundproofing, so to not let any notifications be let out of the box or a Faraday cage which would prevent any signal from entering the box. During our testing, we explored a “box within a box” concept that allowed us to eliminate audible sound from even the most piercing ring tones but, further study showed that the Faraday option was best suited for the application.

MDF boxes for soundproofing
open box showing box within a box soundproofing concept


Knowing that much of the consumer experience with the breadblox would be through social media platforms, we had to make it stand out and pop off the screen. To achieve this, we drew inspiration from what consumers would recognize as a bread box and injected cues to spark curiosity and hint that there is something special about the product.

sketching the breadblox faraday cage

Prototyping and small scale production

In order for a Faraday cage to work properly, it must completely block all wifi and cell signal. Even the slightest leak would jeopardize the integrity of the product. From the beginning of the project, it was very important for our industrial designers to take into consideration that the prototypes would be hand-built and we wouldn’t be able to rely on tight manufacturing tolerances and near perfect molds. By identifying this in the early stages, we were able to develop a design that was optimized for the intricacies of hand construction and proved functional after arriving in influencers’ homes.

white breadblox faraday prototype
breadblox logo on bamboo

The Campaign

Blending good ideas with solid execution, Mosaic and Ace Bakery partnered with dozens of influencers and built a successful marketing campaign around the value of taking time to break bread with friends and family.


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