Refreshing Beverage Packaging Design

Marley Beverage Company was already well established when the team came to us to refresh the brand’s packaging and help them connect with a broader target market. The company is named after Bob Marley who was known for treating his body as a temple and understanding the value of all-natural ingredients to get the most out of body and mind. This was the core value for the MBC…all-natural ingredients with delicious flavors.

The Challenge

The original brand and packaging design focused very heavily on the stereotypical “rasta” style, and felt dated soon after the products’ initial release. We wanted to help take the brand in a direction to connect with anyone that understands the value in putting nutritious, natural ingredients into their bodies, just like Bob. Moving forward, we wanted to ensure that this core value came through in all brand, packaging and marketing assets.

Design Execution

We set out to solidify the brand guideline including a modernized logo with an illustration of Bob himself, and a new color scheme inspired by the product line’s natural ingredients and flavors. Marley wanted to launch 2 lines of products. Mellow Mood, a selection of decaffeinated teas and sparkling waters with a unique blend of herbs to help you relax and enjoy life; and One Drop, a line of flavored coffee drinks to help you start your day with a burst of energy and flavor. Every beverage all designed to be enjoyed cold and contained no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors. We designed logos for each of the lines and set out to create unique packaging designs that stood out at retail and would connect with a wider target audience.

To fully support the launch of the new product line, we simultaneously began working on a website design for Marley. We needed the site to not only showcase the new product line but also be fun and engaging for viewers. After finishing the wireframe structure we jumped into the visual design and interactive details of the brand’s new responsive cross-platform website. We managed all aspects of the site from photographing the cans to generating copy. We integrated social media feeds and a functioning store front with location-based store finder so consumers could easily get their hands on the delicious new product. In the end, our client was blown away by the finished site design which showcases everything the Marley Beverage Company is about.

marley logo design on product packaging

Design Execution

For the official product launch event at NACS 2016 (North American Convenience Show), we were tasked with creating an affordable yet visually impactful trade show display design to introduce attendees to the refreshed MBC brand. We used natural materials and our updated brand guidelines to drive the look and feel. We stayed within cost constraints while making a creating an inviting and engaging show experience including educational graphic walls that could be read from inside or outside of the booth, as well as a tasting bar to experience the amazing flavors MBC had to offer.

Wrapping it all up

Our brightly coloured and branded Marley Beverage Company packaging can be found all over North America in convenience and grocery stores. They can also be ordered online through the MBC website. Give them a try and experience Bob’s passion for delicious natural ingredients and flavors; our favorites are the Mellow Mood Honey Green Tea and the One Drop Banana Split!