myCharge Portable Charger

myCharge is one of the most recognized names in portable charging within North America. When the company launched, portable charging was a relatively new market, largely dominated by Mophie and long before Anker. We’ve worked closely with myCharge on their power bank design since 2010 and have helped build a robust brand through product innovation and user-focused design.

The Design Process

Our first challenge was to come up with a name for this new, powerful brand. To kick things off, our brand design team worked alongside the organization to help discover the brand’s core truths. From here, we articulated the brand’s personality and designed a logo that was both modern and visually related to battery power.

We then set out to design products that focused on users’ underlying needs. A result of our exploration was the idea to integrate charging cables into the power bank itself so that forgetting to bring your cable along would be thing of the past. Through rounds of design, client feedback and engineering support, we developed products that would perform, be visually appealing and be more than capable of standing up to daily abuse, whether out for a hike or commuting to work.

Each model was scrutinized to ensure maximum performance and portability while staying within the cost constraints to make the brand feasible with mass-market retail. The flagship Hub series was the first power bank on the market to integrate both wall prongs for recharging and cables for device charging. In their initial review of the Hub6000, CNET described it as “…the Swiss Army knife of portable charging.”

Design details of a mycharge power bank
charging the mycharge powerbank

Packaging Design

Having a deep understanding of the brand and core product features, the team at myCharge tasked us with designing their packaging in preparation for a 2016 launch at CES in Las Vegas. We designed the packaging to hep strenghten the modern feel of the brand while maximizing visual impact at point of sale, improving unboxing experience for consumers, and reducing overall production costs. The end result highlights the essence of each product while maintaining a modern cohesive style that continues to stand out on store shelves.

Retail Fixture and Activation Design

Our team was also tasked with supporting marketing and retail initiatives for the myCharge brand. This included designing point of purchase displays for placement in retail along with custom displays and large format graphics for at CES in Las Vegas. By having a deep understanding of the various product features and putting ourselves in the shoes of target customers, we were able to design memorable experiences that made an impact.