A long term client of ours, JAM tasked our product design team to come up with a headphone design that was not only inexpensive but cutting-edge and focused fundamentally on performance – something true to the Jam name.

After the initial release of the classic speaker in 2012, we continued working with senior management and the CEO to design and launch what would quickly become one of the most renowned Bluetooth speaker brands in North America and subsequently around the globe. JAM’s products are developed to reflect consumers’ personal style and allow them to share their music anytime, anywhere. The goal was to create a premium product with great design and sound without the hefty price tag.

With brands like Bose and Beats firmly entrenched in this mature headphone market, JAM tasked Shape to come up with a unique lineup of wireless Bluetooth headphones. Entering this highly aggressive category, it was crucial for a newcomer like JAM to quickly differentiate its offering at a competitive price.

After the research and testing stage, our team worked with suppliers to come up with a concept that included a touch-control interface and gesture technology. The challenge was to incorporate these features into a product at a price point of sub-$100.

The end result was a thoughtfully designed breakthrough product with excellent sound, unmatched design at an unbeatable price. Jam’s Bluetooth headphones quickly went on to win placements across major retail stores in North America and Europe.