Wisewell Smart Water Purifier

Whether installed under a sink or within a refrigerator, most water purification systems sit behind closed doors. With Wisewell, the founders wanted to create a product that could be a focal point in the home while delivering industry-leading filtration technology. Over the course of product development, we worked alongside the Wisewell team and their factory partner to deliver a powerful yet beautiful full-spectrum filtration system.

Wisewell was designed to be simple and intuitive. Users can quickly select their desired water temperatures and view all the necessary information through the touch interface at the top machine.  In addition to the led array showing your desired water temperature selection, the LED light will animate to different sequences based on the cleaning process or if attention is needed to the machine. Then the LED will automatically shut off and magically disappear through a mirror IMD finish.

Wisewell has been engineered with internal sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity to enable the co-developed app to provide information on water quality, environmental impact and how much money you are saving compared to bottled water. The filters can automatically be shipped to your door when it comes time for them to be replaced.

A height adjustable water collection tray with a co-injected rubber water grate provides users a stable platform to place their different drinking vessels. The radial rib pattern is repeated in the water grate to create rhythm to the design. Simple integrated handles were added to make moving the unit a little easier.

Designing products for startups poses distinct challenges. These organizations are generally built on the back of a single initial product which must be very impactful. At the same time, a startup’s limited launch budget must stretch far beyond product design. In this case, we worked closely with the manufacturing partner to keep tooling and production costs to a minimum while ensuring the finished product would exceed customer expectations.