Packaging design is an important part of Shape’s history and an area we put plenty of focus towards to this day. More and more, new firms are witnessing the impact packaging has on consumers’ understanding of their brand narratives. Once primarily a way to communicate product features and market positioning, packaging design and material section now also plays an important role in the story brands are telling about their values

There is a lot more to packaging design than just an allure of the consumer towards the product. In his insightful post, Andy Juhasz, Shape’s VP Design Operations, talks about ‘10 Key Tips for Effective Packaging Design’ and provides brands with a starting point towards great packaging.

TAP Wearable keyboard & Mouse

internal view of villo speaker packaging design

We are proud to announce that we were recently featured in DesignRush’s 30 Best Package Design Agencies! Their list has already been picked up by sites like Yahoo and Business Insider, with tips for successful packaging.

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